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In recent years there can be observed an increase in foreign investments in Poland. This fact is strictly connected with growing number of foreigners coming to Poland. In order to meet the rising demands of the market EUROPAcare24 has expanded its range of offers to relocation services. With the philosophy of EUROPAcare24, where the main focus is man and his needs, the solutions we apply improve effectively the whole process of relocation and shorten it as much as possible.

EUROPAcare24 Relocation Service aims to organize and facilitate the stay of expats and other foreigners. From the beginning of their stay foreigners are required to fulfil certain obligations, such as registration of stay, obtaining residence card or various permits. They encounter many difficulties such as Polish language or vague Polish regulations. EUROPAcare24 Relocation Service adjusts to its Clients’ needs and our professional attitude ensures a fast, stress-free start in new environment.

EUROPAcare24 Relocation Service performs all the necessary procedures, starting from preparations preceding the arrival, through handling all the obligatory documents and dealing with local authorities, up to help with choosing the right apartment and settling. When your stay in Poland is coming to an end there are also several important things to do beforehand. Closing bank accounts, terminating apartment rental contract and all contracts with suppliers and providers are also time-consuming matters that we can handle properly.

At every stage of service realization we advise, help and provide support.

So instead of wasting time and effort in hiring a number of separate firms that deal only partially with the relocation process we suggest contacting us!

By providing services in Poland and abroad we have gained good reputation among our Clients and Partners. We are aware how important it is to have an individual approach towards the Clients’ needs. Our merit is reliability and internationally-gained professional experience. Combined with custom-tailored solutions in relocation services it is the right choice.

Our service is addressed to individual Clients as well as to international companies relocating their employees to Poland as a part of assignment, work contract or training. We help everyone who encounters difficulties during relocating.