Care Services

Child care, family care, sick child care

Our database contains offers of qualified baby-sitters and nursemaids with proper education (pedagogical, nursery), with several-year experience in child care and additional skills that let creative time spending and foster child growing.

family care

  • during pregnancy
  • during hospitalization
  • during exhaustion states
  • supporting women at labour
  • during treatment and rehabilitation
  • changing and swaddling infants
  • alleviating from chores

child care

  • caring activities appropriate to age, that support correct child development
  • caring activities of children of all age
  • education while play
  • picking-up children from kindergarten or school or additional activities
  • creative organization of leisure time: excursions, swimming lessons, foreign language learning, art lessons and other
  • help in studying and homework assignments
  • developing children's interests
  • care over children with special needs
  • emergency care per hour

sick child care

  • during hospitalization
  • care over sick mother or baby
  • keeping to doctor’s advice